Gas prices just jumped to over $4 per gallon again. Meanwhile, Exxon reported profits of $9.3 billion last year (yes, billion with a ‘b”) — “the highest profits in the history of money,” to quote Bill McKibben. McKibben founded, and is the voice of a grass-roots fight against the Keystone XL Pipeline project which, according to NASA’s top climatologists, would be “game over for the environment.” (Oil extraction from Canada’s tar sands is already an unspeakable environmental nightmare,using toxic chemicals and huge amounts of energy to strip-mine billions of acres of unspoiled forest land.) Nonetheless, a surge of money is pouring into congress to ram the project through.

Meanwhile, we’re so tired of being at war to protect our oil interests; tired of wall street greed; tired of climate deniers.

What can we, as car-culture consumers do? Boycotting oil is not as simple as boycotting other things. We can only make our voices heard with a two-pronged approach of activism and conservation.

Here are five ways to occupy your gas tank:

  1. Get a new car that is part of the solution.
  2. Take public transportation
  3. Ride a bike to work or school
  4. When you have to drive, drive green
  5. Turn off your engine!

About Kristen Caven

A "liberal artist" with a generous muse, Kristen Caven writes in various voices on a variety of subjects to illuminate, enlighten, inspire, and amuse.

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