Turn the Key – Be Idle Free car magnets

Order car magnets from the idling tool kit here.

Oakland Police May Idle Less

In today’s news, Oakland police officers will get new laptops for their vehicles thanks to a grant from Clorox.

This is great news for our air quality, since old, power-hungry computers drained car batteries and required officers to keep their engines running at all times.

Here’s an article from a city in England that explains this issue. We can assume this problem exists in every city that has police cars with computers.

California’s Anti-Idling Laws

Did you know California has an anti-idling law? It’s illegal to idle more than 5 minutes!

This chart was compiled by ATRI, the American Transportation Research Institute. (Ignore the first row…)

Read the full chart here.

Lessons from a Hypermiler

This guy can get 59 mpg in a plain old Accord. Lots of great ideas here. Notice how he accellerates and brakes.


Consumer Reports says…

Check out this great article on ways to save gas from consumer reports. Yup, idling is on the list! All the other advice is great, too.


Avoid idling for long periods

Think of it this way: When you’re idling, your car is getting zero miles per gallon. When we let a Buick Lucerne, with a V8, idle for 10 minutes while warming up, it burned about an eighth of a gallon of gas. A smaller engine would probably burn less, but idling still adds up over time. As a rule, turn off your engine if you expect to sit for more than about 30 seconds. An engine warms up faster as it’s driven anyway.

Higher Gas Prices

Prices are going crazy… make every drop count!

A Handy Chart for What You Save

If you idle only five minutes LESS each day, you’ll save 10 gallons, $30 dollars, and 220 lbs of CO2 per year.

Read more myths and facts about idling HERE

We Have Bumper Stickers!

Be part of the solution!

Thank you to our friends at Little Pig Productions! See all designs in Spread the Word menu.

Oakland Leads the Way

Did you know Oakland was the first U.S. City to create an oil-independence road map? The page for the Oil Independent Oakland (OIO) By 2020 Task Force is here.

Citizens who kick the idling habit are part of the solution.

We, of all people, don’t need to warm up our cars.

We usually don’t have to worry about warming up our cars in Oakland, but everyone still does it. Last week was sure a surprise when there was actually ice on the windshield that got thicker when we poured water on it.

Here’s an article entitled Eight Facts about Warming Up Your Car in Winter that contains plenty of idling facts.

Thank you to Dave Caven, an Oakland teacher who bikes to work, for this link.