The Cadettes of Girl Scout Troop 31339 have created a movie about idling! They say,

“It’s only two minutes long, but it might save the world — or at least our atmosphere! It’s about reducing emissions and waste with a simple turn of the car key.  We chose this project because we care about the air, and we’ve noticed a lot of idling cars out there in our community (maybe even right now, at the carpool circle!).  Please watch our movie, and join us in being ‘Idle-Free!'”

We would love to see more Scout troops add their own message!

About Kristen Caven

A "liberal artist" with a generous muse, Kristen Caven writes in various voices on a variety of subjects to illuminate, enlighten, inspire, and amuse.

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  1. Stefanie Pruegel says:

    You guys rock. Love the clip and especially the one that points out idling while people are texting or on their phones. I see this all the time… so frustrating. My company shared your videos on our Facebook page:

    Thanks for the great work. Stefanie


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